ZOOM Concentrated Cleaner

ZOOM is a liquid detergent designed to quickly emulsify and suspend dirt and soils with little or no friction! 

ZOOM contains a powerful mixture of wetting agents, alkaline builders, and surfactants which loosen, dissolve and remove outdoor dirt, grime & road film regardless of weather conditions. It also helps prevent buildup of limescale when hard water is used.

ZOOM is a powerful dirt release agent which quickly loosens dirt, grime, mildew, weather streaks, algae, bird droppings, bug residue and other gunk from almost any outdoor surface. It will release dirt without the need for heavy scrubbing. Use of Zoom doesn’t require the need for a lot of complementary cleaning items. Usually, all that’s needed is a garden hose or power washer, a sprayer to mix and deliver the concentrate and a soft sponge, brush or wash mitt.

Inspired by Riders and 100% BIODEGRADABLE


ZOOM is effective for many exterior applications, such as Cars, Trucks, Off road Vehicles, Campers/RV’s, House siding & fascia, farm & industrial equipment, etc. 


It is sold in a ready to use spray bottle or in concentrated form and priced at a very affordable level, which makes the price per use very low. It simply mixes with household water. A 3.78l jug of concentrate will make between 40 and 378 liters of cleaner for typical use. For the average person, a 3.78l jug can often last a whole year.


MIX, SPRAY & LIGHTLY AGITATE, RINSE. ZOOM can be used with regular household water pressure, or with a power washer.

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