You are the guys and gals who work your day jobs (and night shifts), week in and week out, for the chance to ride every weekend. You show up Monday morning with a stiff walk (or new cast) and can’t wait for the weekend to do it all over again.

You are the families who fund your racing through the Bank of MAD (Mom and Dad).

To us, you embody grassroots racing. Our Champions.

You are the people who support and feed this industry for the pure love of it, with little or no support.

Our criteria to become an RF Weekend Warrior is simple.


Run Our Brands

Hoosier Offroad MX Tires and X-Grip HD Tubes*

*A minimum of two RF logos are required on either front forks or rear fender to qualify.


Compete & Report

Attend 5 (national or regional) sanctioned races per year in North America.  

Report by submitting your race results* here after each race.


Join Us & Share

Volunteer: Join us wherever we are. 

Share on Social: Promote us  2-5 times a week on social media!

Tag us @HoosierOffroad on Instagram  @HoosierOffroad on Facebook 

Use hashtags #RoostFactory and #WhereWarriorsGather

The Benefits

Signing Bonus

$35 (RF Dollars)

Credits, Rebates 

& Special Pricing

  • Bronze Level:

10% back in RF Dollars on purchases up to $999.00

  • Silver Level:

15% back in RF Dollars on purchases $1,000+ 

  • Gold Level:

20% back in RF Dollars on purchases $2,500+ 

Preferred Rates

Preferred rates to selected tracks and camps around North America

Exclusive Pricing
on Bikes & Products

Available through participating dealers, RF sponsored riders have access to preferred pricing on select bike brands 

Parts Allowance is also available from select participating dealers (on non-competing complimentary products.)

& Shipping

Pick the most convenient way to get your order.

  • Direct to home 
  • Trackside
  • Participating dealers

Bonus Reward Accelerators

Sponsored riders may be eligible for bonus rewards for volunteering and posting on social media.

Contingency Program

Every sponsored rider of Roost Factory qualifies for any of our Contingency Programs. 

Please refer to Contingency for more details.  

Social Media & Promotion

Promoting our riders is an important part of our mission. 

We encourage you to share your racing content with us. The more you tag us on social media, the likelihood your content will be promoted.

Look for pictures, profiles and stories on our social media platforms. There will also be opportunities to be featured in our partner magazine, MXP Magazine. 


Trackside Support

You’ve heard of our legendary Purple Paddock trackside. Chances are, you’ve probably experience it first hand. As a RF sponsored rider, you will have access to our Purple Paddock service and support trackside – wherever we are, if you are there, you are welcome! Check out News  for our event schedule – we will be at over 400 races this year. 

Advanced Paddock Reservations

Register with us ahead of time and we will reserve you a spot in our preferred paddock position!

Exclusive Access & Offers

We are building an exciting network of RF racing schools in partnership with tracks, trainers and camps.

Stay tuned!