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Are you Living The Dream?

What started as an idea over drinks and late-night celebration is now the TEAMLTD brand of present day. The vision spawned from the shared lifestyle of living the dream and remains steadfast to that today.The #1 thing to change the tone of an evening in the garage with your kids prepping for the weekend? Missing tools. There are many things that can drive the stress and tension levels to volcanic eruption level race day or at the gate. We have all been there, on our hands and knees looking for a missing 10MM! It’s a problem, it’s stressful and can make that bonding moment with your Son or Daughter a little challenging. 

The goal was to create a brand that would connect the gamechangers. TEAMLTD strives to be seen on the backs of everyone who is Living The Dream and we know that Roost Factory racers and members are doing just that! With stylistic cues branching from streetwear, surf culture and casual fashion. TEAMLTD continues to evolve and build their product offerings each season. TEAMLTD works hard to create a curated closet dedicated to a lifestyle like no other, crafted for a community of like-minded individuals in pursuit of their dreams.

Today the brand has expanded strongly into the retail sector across Canada and is beginning to gain exposure across the globe. With Canada being their home turf, TEAMLTD is now currently carried in 200+ stores from coast to coast. 


TEAMLTD is the official outfitter for the pursuit of your dreams and the Roost Factory is proud to have TEAMLTD as our lifestyle apparel partner!

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