Thank you for your interest in our sponsorship program. We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

With a passion for the riders and families that are the back bone of the sport – our commitment as an organization is to support, celebrate and encourage the families and riders who make the journey to the podium meaningful. We want our share (and more) of the podium however, winning for us and many isn’t just the podium, it is having an awesome season, achieving personal bests and doing what you love. Our commitment is to be there to help you every step of your way to the podium.

We believe our sponsorship program is the best and most comprehensive program in the industry (in our opinion). In staying true to Roost Factory tradition, this program is NOT solely dedicated to the top five percent. As far as we are concern, if you are passionate, committed and hardworking, you qualify.

Our sponsorship program aims to do more than offer savings, it is also geared to help you fund your racing ambitions and lifestyle. What this means to you:

Accumulate RF Dollars

  • Each time you make a purchase, you earn RF dollars
  • Each time you get a spot on the podium, you earn RF dollars

Each time you participate in our contests, competitions or whatever fun excuse we think of to give you stuff, you earn RF dollars

Purple Paddock Trackside Support

You’ve heard of our legendary Purple Paddock trackside. Chances are, you’ve probably experience it first hand. As a RF sponsored rider, you will have access to our Purple Paddock service and support trackside – wherever we are, if we are there, you are welcome! Our event schedule will be posted (start of season). Register with us ahead of time ( and we will reserve you a spot in our preferred paddock position!

Financing Options

We have partnered with Paybright (Canadian riders) and Klarna (for US riders), our consumer financing partner to help you with your cashflow. They offer interest free payment instalments AND Line of Credit approvals. Look for them at checkout.

We also have our RF Layaway Program. All of these programs are set up to help you plan, budget and get what you need for the season. If you have any questions or just want to confirm the details with a human being, call RiderSupport at 1.866.743.9131 x 503 or email:

Access to Partners

Our partnerships with your favourite tracks, camps and coaches means you can benefit from private coaching, special events, discount and more! Be on the lookout for invites and offers.

RF Racing Schools

We are building an exciting network of Roost Factory racing schools in partnership with tracks, trainers and camps to increase the ease and accessibility of training, practicing and coaching – stay tuned! 

Convenience is the name of the game

  • Order ahead and pick-up at your local participating dealer, Crew Chief or trackside!  With a dedicated team of  dealers, tracks and Crew Chiefs across North America, you have options when it comes to your order pickups.
  • Discover you need something last minute race day morning? We’ve got you. Trackside! Look for the Purple Paddock and purchase what you need!



Call: 1.866.743.9131 x 503

Still excited? Fill out the application!