Our commitment as an organization is to recognize and support amateur racers. The Roost Factory Sponsorship program have been born out of this commitment; to offset the rising costs of our physically and financially demanding passion. We understand what it takes to participate in this sport. We equally understand what it takes to become an elite athlete. What we understand better than anyone else, is that this community of awesome tight knit, hardworking individuals deserves recognition, rewards, kickbacks, and even the ability to break even.

If you are looking to offset the costs of your hobby, we can help you.


In addition to the financial breaks we offer, our sponsored riders also get access to;

  • OurPurple Paddock
  • Earn rewards through volunteering at events
  • Be selected as RF ambassadors at select races

We are continually working on bringing more exclusive opportunities to our sponsored riders including restricted pricing and discounts, private training with Pros, access to special events, VIP treatment at races and more! Stay tuned.

Complete the form below to get started. Thank you for your interest in RF. We are honoured you have chosen us.

Weekend Warrior

The “Weekend Warrior” is designed specifically for those that are committed to this sport regardless of their position on the podium. This level is tailored to the individual or family who can only make a few races a year for all the reasons that get in the way of the things we love to do; you still earn exceptional reward credits and are welcome under our paddock at the races you attend, plus many more perks like support and partnerships all designed to enhance your riding experience.



Elite Privateer

The “Elite Privateer” is for the Amateurs and Pro’s who are dedicated to the sport and doing more than 10 races a year. This program includes a signing bonus along with elevated credits, savings and perks!



RF Factory Pro

The “Factory Pro Rider” level is designed for true podium contenders who attended a minimum of 20 racer per year. Stay tuned for more information on this exclusive program for the Privateer and Amateur who want to accelerate and amplify their racing career through a true Factory Team opportunity; indicate your interest in this program in your application, and as details become available we will keep you updated.



Team Manager

Our “Team Manager” program is designed to support those who work together with a minimum of five registered racers as a group/team and compete in a minimum total of 30 racers per year. The Team Manager level features elevated levels of rewards and benefits including assistance with custom team marketing materials, support and experience enhancing rewards.



Crew Chief

The “Crew Chief” program is the perfect way to take your race budget and program to a new level; its tax effective and a cool way to help subsidize your program and even turn it into a profit. Promote and sell products trackside while benefiting from being a key part of the Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad Family.


The Purple Tides is Rising: Are you Riding it?

Our purple paddock will be Trackside this year at more than 400 events and our Sponsored Riders are invited to join us across North America.

 We are much more than a discount, we are a complete program – from training and coaching tips, to brands that truly perform, to trackside support and programs that help fund your race and your lifestyle


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Email us at: RiderSupport@Hoosier-Offroad.com 

See you trackside! 
Your Roost Factory Rider Support Team

Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad Sponsorship Application:

More Information on The Roost Factory Sponsorship Program:

Roost Factory Dollars: Reward Dollars on Steroids

 Roost Factory understands that the Amateur Racer is the back bone of the Offroad racing industry and while we know that steroid use in sports is illegal (and agree strongly with that) there are no laws and nothing wrong with RF Dollars on Steroids! 

Most of us are obsessed with two things;

         1. All things two wheels – MX OffRoad

         2. Collecting reward points or dollars

Some issues with both – all things MX and XC are expensive and time consuming – funding and preparation take effort and most sponsorships are just superficial discounts and only available to the elite few.

Our issue with collecting points or rewards dollars is that they don’t usually add up to much but (on average between 0.8% to maximum 3%) so we chase them hard.

Imagine a program that saved you time – a virtual one stop shop for products and services and support for your racing season, and a program that is truly valuable – on steroids!

Trackside Support: 

Service and support trackside at our exclusive Purple Paddock – wherever we are you are welcome if you are a member of our team. Check out our website regularly for our purple paddock event schedule – we are at over 300 races a year and growing! If you are a member of the Roost Factory Racing Program you can call ahead to us and we will reserve you a spot with us in our preferred paddock position – so now running late doesn’t mean you have to park at the back of the field and run to the starting line! Before the race has even started our members are VIP’s.


More than a Product: 

Roost Factory has a whole lineup of performance brands hand-picked by our staff of racers, recreational riders and industry professionals. With our program you get a complete range of products proven to enhance your race performance from our exclusive Hoosier Offroad racing tires, to our exceptional tools from BOXO, our Red Line Oil product line, 3 – Minute Tire Changer and more! Every one of our products can save time and increase your performance.  


Exclusive Access and Offers: 

Receive exclusive access and offers to tracks, camps, coaches, and training insights from the top pros in the sport past and present. While savings and rewards are important, so is skill and access to resources that improve your confidence and riding skills. We are building a network of Roost Factory racing schools in partnership with tracks, trainers and camps to increase the ease and accessibility of training, practicing and coaching – stay tuned and watch for our new website for our current partners and more details! 


Our Exclusive Contingency Program: 

Everyone is excited about the possibility of compensation and rewards for earning a spot on the podium – well at least those with a sure shot at standing on the podium – our Contingency Program, (to be launched Spring 2020) is a two tier program that provides incentives and rewards those who podium, but consistent with our commitment to grassroots racing we are launching our Participation Rewards Program: for participating. Most of us will never have a good shot at the podium, but for us winning isn’t the podium or a championship, though it would be nice, our races are back in the middle and back of the pack pushing ourselves to achieve personal bests, and beat our buddies, those are who this program is focused on.  

Still have questions?

Contact us at:

Email: ridersupport@hoosier-offroad.com    
Call: (416 895 2884)