March 18, 2020 – Roost Factory Press Release

Roost Factory Signs Three Year Sponsorship Deal with FMSQ

The Roost Factory is excited to announce our new long-term relationship with the Federation of Motorcyclists Quebec Trails (FMSQ).  

With a passion for grassroots racing the Roost Factory is dedicated to growing the offroad racing industry and making it more accessible for riders at every level.  The trackside paddocks are intended to behome base for riders not currently on a factory team and that are registered with the Roost Factory.

You can find the Roost Factory team at all FMSQ races during the 2020 Season lead by Team Manager Pierre Yves Deneault (you can reach him directly at The Roost Factory purple paddock is a trackside resource for Roost Factory members to pick up pre-ordered product, buy on site from a full selection of performance products, work on their bikes and receive help and advice from staff, volunteers and fellow Roost Factory members. 

Founded in 1971 the FMSQ is a nonprofit organization that organizes and governs cross country and endure type racing events in the province of Quebec, Ontario and its surroundings. With over 1,400 members and a reputation as on of the best organized and largest offroad race series in Canada the FMSQ has continued to maintain a family atmosphere that coincides with Roost Factory’s passion for grassroots racing. 

Stay tuned for the launch of our Roost Factory FMSQ Contingency Program dirt bike and ATV! Send PY or our Rider Support Team at a message today. Get ahead of the pack and become a Roost Factory Sponsored Racer at

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About the 2020 RF Sponsorship Program

At the Roost Factory we have put together a series of programs that make the level of support and resources that is usually reserved for the elite few accessible to everyone. Unlike most sponsorship programs you don’t have to win to win with Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad. We are here to support everyone from the back of the pack to the Top Ten; we have a level designed for every racer!

Our Sponsorship Program goes far beyond the traditional sponsorship discount by also offering savings, credits, incentives, riding support and partnerships that contribute meaningful financial support and resources for every rider and skill level in the sport. Based on a combination of your purchases, commitment, contingency rewards and participation, our program makes a truly material contribution to your race program and enjoyment of the sport. 

Our goal is to support, reward, encourage and enhance the families that fund this sport. We recognize that motocross isn’t all about winning; it’s about the lifestyle, the community, the friendships, and the memories that are created every day at the track.


Weekend Warrior

The “Weekend Warrior” is designed specifically for those that are committed to this sport regardless of their position on the podium. This level is tailored to the individual or family who can only make a few races a year for all the reasons that get in the way of the things we love to do; you still earn exceptional reward credits and are welcome under our paddock at the races you attend, plus many more perks like support and partnerships all designed to enhance your riding experience.



Elite Privateer

The “Elite Privateer” is for the Amateurs and Pro’s who are dedicated to the sport and doing more than 10 races a year. This program includes a signing bonus along with elevated credits, savings and perks!



RF Factory Pro

The “Factory Pro Rider” level is designed for true podium contenders who attended a minimum of 20 racer per year. Stay tuned for more information on this exclusive program for the Privateer and Amateur who want to accelerate and amplify their racing career through a true Factory Team opportunity; indicate your interest in this program in your application, and as details become available we will keep you updated.



Team Manager

Our “Team Manager” program is designed to support those who work together with a minimum of five registered racers as a group/team and compete in a minimum total of 30 racers per year. The Team Manager level features elevated levels of rewards and benefits including assistance with custom team marketing materials, support and experience enhancing rewards.



Crew Chief

The “Crew Chief” program is the perfect way to take your race budget and program to a new level; its tax effective and a cool way to help subsidize your program and even turn it into a profit. Promote and sell products trackside while benefiting from being a key part of the Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad Family.


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