RF Factory Pro Riders are considered ambassadors of Roost Factory and the sport as a whole.

The dream of every racer, for every Weekend Warrior and Elite Privateer, is to one day become a Pro and to be picked up as a Factory racer. The dream of getting a “Factory Ride” won’t come true for most. However, our sponsorship program and support is making that dream more accessible and our hope is to be a key contributor along your way to becoming a Factory Pro Rider through our “RF Factory Pro Rider” sponsorship level.

You are a contender, you’ve fought your way through the ranks, you’ve invested blood, sweat, tears and hard earned money; and now you’ve found a team that will support you and reward you regardless of your ups and downs during a season.

We know there are good days, great days and really bad days and we know coming back from an injury can take time. Although we certainly do love that feeling of standing on top of the box, we are here to support you as a team and as a family every step of the way through your journey on and off the track.

The RF Factory Pro Riders are the cream of the crop from our family of racers; they do regularly earn podium positions in their class(es) and they are the ones to beat. RF Factory Pro Riders commit to everything the other classes commit to, are funded by the rider themselves or the Bank of Mom and Dad, and they attend at least 15 races per year. We also ask that our RF Factory Pro Riders help out at trade shows and special events within their regions.

The Roost Factory’s staff of racers, industry experts and passionate recreational riders came together to develop a Sponsorship Program that rewards you for purchases, results, participation, volunteering, using our products and much more!

With the core principles that even Pros don’t race for free (unless you truly have a factory ride); we have designed a program that is truly custom for every applicant. One of our team members will work with you personally to develop a program that fits and supports you and your objectives while promoting Roost Factory and our fantastic lineup of performance brands and products.

Due to limited space our RF Factory Pro Rider level requires applicants to showcase a high level of class and sportsmanship. Factory Pro Riders are judged on their applications, references and reputation as a person not just their results on the track. Our RF Factory Pro Riders are considered ambassadors of Roost Factory and the sport as a whole.

We Have Only Three Asks of You:


Run Our Brands

Although we carry a wide range of proven performance brand and products that truly perform on and off the track we only expect our RF Factory Pro Riders to use a minimum of three of our Roost Factory products. We recommend our Hoosier Offroad MX Tires and X-Grip HD Tubes to start with.

Of course you can use more, and it makes sense to since we’ll give you a return on ever dollar you spend! Riders who use more than three products can qualify for additional Reward Accelerators to earn even more Roost Bucks! Run our decal kit or get a custom team wrap made!

Find the performance products you need online at the RF Race Shop and in person through our network of dealerships, race tracks and Crew Chiefs. The Roost Factory Purple Paddock is scheduled to be at 300+ events across Canada in 2020 so check out the schedule!


Compete & Report

Between free time and cash flow it might be hard to follow a full race series so we simply ask that you attend 15 sanctioned races per year in North America. It doesn’t have to be the same series or even the same type of racing. So if you want to race Motocross one weekend and EnduroCross the next your still going to be getting credit!

We want to promote you and your racing successes and struggles. By submitting your race results online we are able to track your progress, award you Contingency Funds, include you in our regular Roost Report and qualify you for racing related promotions and contests!

Submit your race results within 7 days following an event or within 48 hours to be included in the weekly Roost Report.


Join Us & Share

Join us wherever we are: this sport is about community and family. We are a team and a community and we will actually reward you for being with us and helping us – join us at shows, events and races to earn additional rewards and benefits!

RF Factory Pro Riders will be expected to volunteer with us at National level events and/or tradeshows in their region. As a bonus attending an event with us means you will be heavily featured on our social media and marketing campaigns!

Another great way to for us to promote you, and you us, is through social media! Be sure to tag @HoosierOffroad on Instagram and at @HoosierOffroad on Facebook whenever you post related content. We’d love to see 2 – 5 posts per week on your Facebook or Instagram page so we can help you get the full exposure to promote yourself and all of your sponsors! Don’t forget to use the hashtags #RoostFactory and #WhereWarriorsGather

The Benefits

In exchange for three simple commitments we give you more than a simple discount sponsorship like other companies. The Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad Sponsorship Program is about more than a product or a discount.

You become part of our team and we give you a community, credits, rewards and more! All by you simply making the decisions and investments you are already making, but as a Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad sponsored athlete.

Here are some of the unique benefits and rewards you can expect as a RF Factory Pro Rider with the Roost Factory Racing Sponsorship Program.

Signing Bonus

The RF Factory Pro Rider level will be made upon completion of the first purchase and will be custom to the rider and their market value.

The Signing Bonus will be in either product or RF Dollars that can be used for product purchases.

Expect approximately a $500 Roost Dollars gift as a signing bonus upon signing of contract and completion of first purchase.

Credits, Rebates 

& Special Pricing

RF Factory Pro Riders will receive a custom built Credit, Reward and Pricing Program based on their individual situations, results and commitment.

Examples include: Receive back a % of all purchases in Roost Factory Dollars, or an allotment of product towards your racing program and budget; or an allowance in your RF account for purchase of necessary products from Tires to Tire changers, etc – selected from our product offering.

Preferred Rates

Preferred rates to selected tracks and camps around North America

Exclusive Pricing
on Bikes & Products

Includes a bonus exclusive Parts Credit and Parts Allowance

Purchasing, Ordering
& Shipping

Pick the most convenient way to get your product and we will get it to you whether its direct to home, trackside from one of our Crew Chiefs or from one of our participating dealers.

Bonus Reward Accelerators

Receive Bonus Rewards for volunteering at events, posting on social media, participating in special promotions and events. Due note that these Reward Accelerators will be on a first come first serve basis with limited availability per event or promotion.

Earn rewards and incentives for participating in events and activities like tradeshows, national events, dealer events and more!

All promotional and social media rewards will be based on the rules and conditions associated with each post on an individual basis.

If you are using more than the Sponsorship levels minimum requirement you will earn a Product Multiplier (this can be in free gifts, products or other rewards).

Contingency Program

Every member of the Roost Factory Hoosier Offroad Sponsorship Program qualifies for our Contingency program.

The program, to be launched in the Spring of 2020, is a two tier program that provides incentives and rewards for those who podium, but also staying true to our commitment to grassroots racing we are launching our Participation Rewards Program: for everyone who participates.

Most of us will never have a good shot at the podium, but for us winning isn’t the podium or a championship, though it would be nice. Our races are in the roost; in the middle of the pack pushing ourselves to achieve personal bests, and beat our buddies, those are the racers this program is designed on.

Social Media & Promotion

Promoting you and your racing is an important part of our marketing strategy which means you are going to have the opportunity to promote yourself and gain followers

Your profile will be featured on our website with potential for a larger feature in MXP Magazine and Roost Factory marketing campaigns

The more content you tag Roost Factory in on social media the more your content will be reposted and shared to all Roost Factory followers.

Trackside Support

Priority position at our Purple Paddock trackside – As a Member of our RF Factory Pro team you get priority position under our paddock and all the support that goes with that.

As a member of our Factory Team you are eligible for us to carry your bike to races (a modest fee may apply). Though our Race trailers have a limited amount of space – this opportunity is afforded priority position to RF Pro Team Members.

Service and support trackside at our exclusive Purple Paddock – wherever we are you are welcome if you are a member of our team. Check out our website regularly for our Purple Paddock event schedule – we are at over 300 races a year and growing!

Advanced Paddock Reservations

If you are a member of the Roost Factory Racing Program you can call ahead to us and we will reserve you a spot with us in our preferred paddock position – so now running late doesn’t mean you have to park at the back of the field and run to the starting line! Before the race has even started our members are VIP’s.

More than a Product

Roost Factory has a whole lineup of performance brands hand-picked by our staff of racers, recreational riders and industry professionals.

With our program you get a complete range of products proven to enhance your race performance from our exclusive Hoosier Offroad racing tires, to our exceptional tools from BOXO, our Red Line Oil product line, 3 – Minute Tire Changer and more! Every one of our products can save time and increase your performance.

Exclusive Access & Offers

Receive exclusive access and offers to tracks, camps, coaches, and training insights from the top pros in the sport past and present.

While savings and rewards are important, so is skill and access to resources that improve your con dence and riding skills. We are building a network of Roost Factory racing schools in partnership with tracks, trainers and camps to increase the ease and accessibility of training, practicing and coaching. 

Stay tuned and watch for our new website for our current partners and more details!

Have you applied for sponsorship?

If we have just described you – then let us know by completing the registration form. We will review your application and send you your contract with 4-5 business days. If you need product now Click Here to order it and we will make sure you get the credits.