BOXO Tools and Tool Storage Solutions

When Roost Factory selects a brand to represent, that brand and products performance and uniqueness are critical criteria. 


BOXO tools and tool storage solutions bring an edge to the traditional tool room. There are few people as OCD as tool people and we have observed what lengths they will go to, in order to organize their set up at home, the shop, trackside or at the gate. BOXO took a major performance issue in the tool industry, one that has been hidden in plain sight for generations, and solved it! Though now obvious and a standard element of the BOXO offering, it is still not available anywhere else. One of the first things that jumps out at you with the BOXO tools systems is its unique curation of the tools. BOXO takes tools and redefines the problem and solution from just a place to store tools, to creating a working environment that regardless of the environment enhances the user performance and effectiveness.

The #1 thing to change the tone of an evening in the garage with your kids prepping for the weekend? Missing tools. There are many things that can drive the stress and tension levels to volcanic eruption level race day or at the gate. We have all been there, on our hands and knees looking for a missing 10MM! It’s a problem, it’s stressful and can make that bonding moment with your Son or Daughter a little challenging. 

BOXO has been a family owned and managed business for over 40 years. They have taken their firsthand experiences and challenged their designers to solve problems faced by the people who use the tools.

In the immortal words of Rafiki from Lion King 1.5 “look beyond what you see” they looked beyond just designing and manufacturing great tools with a great warranty – they looked at how the tools were used, and the challenges faced in being efficient.

Their goal is simple; provide the OCD tool user, a complete solution that ensures that they are as efficient, effective and productive as possible – whether you wrench tools for a living or as a competitor – efficiency is critical. Central to that is “order” – the BOXO tools systems are curated and organized in a way that no other tool program offers. 

From dirty diesels to 2-stroke dirt bikes BOXO is for the gearhead who loves to wrench and lives to ride! With a passion for powersports BOXO was the perfect tool company to partner with the Roost Factory and the Rockstar Triple Crown series. As the Official Tool and Tool Storage solution BOXO spent 2019 hanging out under the Roost Factory purple paddock tents at every round of the Rockstar Triple Crown Series. 

The Roost Factory chose BOXO as one of their key brand partners, explains CEO Mark Rivers, because, “BOXO as a brand, a product, a solution; and the people who founded and lead the company, are the embodiment of what Roost Factory stands for. They have a unique quality design with extremely well thought out features and a team of entrepreneurial, supportive and responsive leaders driving the company forward.” 

Check Out What People Are Saying:

Bruce Willis - KTM North America

“What first drew me to BOXO was the Modular EVA Foam; when we started looking for tools for our Technical Training Centre and Dealer Service Department the one thing that we wanted was to make sure everything was well organized. The Modular EVA Foam gives a clean look and keeps everything in its place.” 

John Spar - Industry Professional and Racer

“It was mainly the attention to detail, the high quality, and cost value on their tools and boxes that first impressed me. Once you hold them, use them and work out of their boxes, you’re completely hooked… Every tool and box is made solid with care. Plus I am still shocked at the price! Their boxes and tools are every bit as high quality as the brands you pay 3 to 4 times more for. I’d say my wallet was happier!”  

Dario Zecca - Professional Racer

“I would definitely recommend BOXO to any racer looking to buy a compact set of tools for traveling race to race. The tidiness of the BOXO initially drew me to this brand. As someone who is forever losing the 10mm socket this toolbox makes keeping track of my tools easy!” 

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