Advanced Kotings

The team at Advanced Kotings are a group of or road racers with more than 20 years of experience and know first hand what a pain it can be to clean up your machine and gear after a great ride.  

They also know how frustrating it can be to see expensive gear wear down because of grit and mud. After struggling with generic products, they knew they could create something better, and Armor Kote was the result. Now known as Advanced Kotings as they have expanded their product line and improved the formulas. They’re goal is to make it easier for consumers to keep mud from sticking and making the whole cleaning process easier.

Since 2017, they’ve equipped people who want to push the limits to keep their gear in top shape. They refuse to compromise on the quality of their products because they are passionate about making a difference for riders. Advanced Kotings products perform no matter the conditions you’re dealing with because their team knows how gnarly it can get out there on the trails or the track. Whether you’re racing in mud that will slow you down or you’re taking on backcountry trails with your friends, Advanced Kotings protects all hard surfaces and helps them shed mud and water. 

Their Shine Coating is formulated to leave a high gloss water-resistant shine and helps keep mud, clay, and ice, from sticking; making cleanup much easier. Not only that, it protects plastics & vinyl from UV fading and restores factory shine to dull surfaces. With Armor Kote Shine Coating, you can just spray on your equipment before hitting the trails and cut your post-ride cleanup or apply after cleanup for an undeniable shine. Amor Kotings products are safe to use on plastics, carbon fiber, matte finishes, and metals.


At the Roost Factory, Advanced Koting products are used by our own team and riders on a regular basis to ensure our race rig, dirt bikes, and event materials are looking great. When travelling race to race, having a product that is going to help resist build up of dirt and grime helps keep the cleaning process easy and effective. 

“We did a comparison with 3 machines, Armor Kote and two other similar products. The machine sprayed with Armor Koteneeded to be washed once after the ride. When it dried it looked just as good before the ride. Mud and dirt came right off. The other 2 machines were washed several times and still looked dirty after they dried.I will not buy any other products after using this!” – Patrick M.

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