Performance, Safety & Community

The heart of this sport is lived and experienced in three places;

•   The heart and imagination of amateur racers all across North America; 

•   Trackside where the action is; 

•   And in the garages of passionate amateur racers at midnight where fathers and sons, daughters, families and friends gather to prepare to go to battle. They battle the track, the conditions, their friends and their foes from the starting line to the finish line and in to the pits. Stories are carved, told and passed on for years; and for generations.

For the families who have built and continue to fund this sport, we know that this is not just a pass-time. For you, this is a way of life. Other families may have cottages to go to every weekend, you go to the tracks. You faithfully invest time, money, blood, sweat and tears. Although the professionals were once all amateurs and they continue to be inspirations; they are not the backbone of the sport. We believe the amateurs, the families and the Bank of MAD (Mom and Dad) are the real backbone and they will continue to be the foundation of this sport.

Roost Factory was founded with a passion and dedication to provide you with innovative programs, support and solutions to enhance your ability to pursue this sport and way of life.


The Roost Factory is proud to offer trackside support like no other. The Purple Paddock is our trackside sanctuary to be found at Off-road events across North America.

The Purple Paddock is;

  • A resource with the right tools and advice to keep your wheels turning.
  • A mobile dealership equipped with our full line of performance products available to you trackside – when and where you need them most!
Have you ever showed up to the track and not known anyone?

Ever wanted to travel to other events across the country but couldn’t convince your friends to join you?

What about times you forgot essentials in your rush to get to the track?

Sometimes we all need an extra hand on the start line. Whether it is to borrow a tool set, buy an extra set of goggles or grab a bottle of water. With hospitality like none other, our racers have the chance toconcentrate and take time to get in the right mental state to truly perform at their best. Taylor Coates (#830 Vet, Open Junior and 250 Junior from Red Deer, Alberta Canada) had this to say about his experience with the Purple Paddock, “The experience was incredible. Mark and the team made me feel right at home from the start! They set up my bike and tools right away. They had guys doing tire changes for me and getting my bike ready to race! They made sure all of us were always fed and hydrated and the meals were incredible! The coolest experience I have had as an amateur racer!”

Comradery and support are two of the biggest things we pride ourselves on. Moto-mom Darlene Kosterhad this to say, “Amazing people!! We had a fantastic weekend!! We can’t thank the Roost Factory enough for their support, enthusiasm, encouragement, hospitality, and complete generosity. Everyone was treated like royalty!”

We understand that winners aren’t born, they are made through years of hard work, dedication and support from family and friends. In addition, we believe that having access to high performance products that perform on and off the track. The Roost Factory team provides everything that will help make you a winner, instead of waiting like the rest for you to try and make it on your own. “I really like the environment of the team, everyone is very caring and wanting the best for each other. Good race or bad, they’re there to keep your spirits high.” – Talan Hansen #328 (Pro 250) from Kenosha, Wisconsin

By becoming a Roost Factory sponsored rider you can up your game and be part of something special while enjoying incredible benefits!


We are accessible to you at home access 24/7. Through our website, online race shops (USA/Canada) and social media. You also have access to our growing network of dealers and crew chiefs who are on standby to look after your every need.


We support our partners (race series organizers and tracks) across North America in building and delivering great racing experiences, venues and memories. An important part of these relationships is ensuring preferred accessibility for our riders and teams.
Our strategic alliances and partnerships have awarded us prime sponsorships of the biggest Motocross and Enduro races in Canada. Three of our brands have been given the title of official products of the Rockstar Triple Crown Tour as; Official Tire, Official Tire Changer and Official Tools and Tool Storage Solutions. We were the Presenting Sponsor at the Promation National Enduro Championships, Title Sponsor at the Border Battle XC series and Official Tire of several series and clubs, the purple paddock has begun to spread across the continent.


Reconnecting brands with their customer where their products are experienced; track side!
We believe that the value of a brand has everything to do with the emotional experience and association between it and its consumers. Our company was founded with the optic of reconnecting brands with their consumers where the brands are experienced. For our brands, that would betracksideand in the garages of hundreds of thousands of passionate consumers across North America.
While the brands are buried in digital catalogues differentiated more and more by price. At the Roost Factory, we recognize an opportunity to reconnect with the consumer by offering OUTSTANDING experiences where they spend most of their time chasing their passion. In other words, where they ride. Trackside.
If you are a brand looking to reconnect with your consumers and you have an incredible product to offer, talk to us. 

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